New blog – new pharmatrend perspectives

This is a beginning of a new blog that captures the focused area of pharmaceutical manufacturing, technology and compliance.

Why a new blog when the world is crowded with blogs? Because there is a need for independent views on what the trends are. You make take many decisions in your daily work life without having time to look across the dots that makes a line. The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing significant changes over the last decade but we are only beginning.

My blog is dedicated to what comes. Not based on speculations but on what we know. Based on facts. As I have done in numerous keynote presentations over the last years, I connect the dots to show where the challenges will be.

Just one example: Agility. If there is one thing that the pharmaceutical industry has not yet been good at, it is agility. Why? Because the GMP’s told us not to be. For decades the pharmaceutical industry has been conservative, risk-adverse and very slow to adapt changes. But there is a new pharma reality that only few companies have understood. Despite the fact that the head of US FDA’s CDER (Center of Drug Evaluation and Research), dr. Janet Woodcock has been expressing a vision for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years now, very few companies are taking it serious.

The vision of dr. Janet Woodcock is expressed as: “A maximally efficient, agile, flexible pharmaceutical manufacturing sector that reliably produces high quality drugs without extensive regulatory oversight.”

The question for us in our companies is: how do we make it a reality? Because the fact is that the vision was not intended to be a dream. It was – and it is – intended to become a reality